Mom Bod

I’ve always been slim. Always. Even after 3 last one weighing close to 10 lbs at birth, I’d drop back to my normal weight in a matter of weeks, with not one stretch mark in sight.

I relished in the glory of not ever having to work out or watching what I ate, my metabolism was amazing! Thank God for good genes.

But...BUT NOW...see this life right now, well I’d like to think time has finally caught up with me. Spicy food is almost impossible, eating after 10pm is unheard of and alcohol is out of the question. It takes me almost two days to recover from a glass of wine Chile!

But what a blessing it is to be healthy, happy and full of 43 year old woman energy! Lol! Water is my friend, rest is my best friend. This summer I’m planning another “6 in 3”! That’s 6 locations in 3 months! It’s time to show off this “Mom Bod” y’all. My body isn’t magazine perfect but when I look in the mirror, I see a vessel that has carried life. And in that, there is no greater honor or blessing. 

Tawana Horne