Fear is paralyzing. No matter how much you plan and think things through, the moment you allow doubt to surface, you’re screwed. Fear is powerful. It comes quick, without warning and bears heavy on you without “let up”. The brightest and smartest mind has fought this war. The weak and timid, still do.

See, fear feeds off your past discretion’s. It pulls your life history & bad habits and hurls them straight at you like a bullet. Fear has disabled and overcome your high hopes and dreams. It’s dulled your light and darkened your day. It rolled in, stopped you in your tracks and now you’re stuck. You’ve given up before you even started.

But hey, who am I to assume that you too have suffered the same issue. To say, you feel my pain, you’ve lost countless nights of sleep...It sucks. But guess what? It didn’t last forever. And it did nothing but make me steadfast, relentless and driven. Trust me! When you too, find the other side of fear. Celebrate in it. Love it, embrace it, get comfortable. Because everything from there and beyond is nothing short of a “old skool” backyard double dare.

Tawana Horne