Cargos, please!

Thankfully, this falls fashion shines a well deserving light on other pant trends that aren’t jeans. With an influence of street style and athleisure fashion, cargos are no longer associated with work attire.

This season, it’s not only about the cargo pant, but the cargo pocket. And with a variety of different lengths and finished textures, this years cargos appeal to shoppers who lean into the baggy silhouette while pairing them with high-tops or a sexy slim stilettos. 

For the girl who screams out “and it has pockets!” every time you compliment her dress. Well she too might find herself intrigued by cargo-pocketed clothing’s invitation to walk around a bit more tomboy-ish. This fall, cargo styles are sure to confirm why the nostalgic trend feels more relevant than ever.

Tawana Horne