Closed for Business

This month I’m stumped. For the past 35 days, I’ve tried to make sense of the political climate and what effect it has on everyone in America. So who’d be best to answer my question then you!

Now before I ask this question, I have a few minor guidelines that must be followed. I’m asking one question, that only requires one answer. Nothing long and drawn out, difficult or dynamic but something that I can walk away from with a better understanding.

First, let’s put any name calling and racially charged paraphrasing to the side. I don’t want to hear, because he’s white and I’m black. Or because I’m from the south and you’re not. I don’t need to know your financial bracket, job title, marital status or sexual preference.

Second, who cares if you’re Democrat or Republican. This question is just from one curious woman to another. I don’t need to know who you voted for, why you voted for them or what you plan to do in 2020. I don’t want to hear about Obama’s birth certificate, Hillary’s emails, Bill Clinton’s sex scandal or what we assumed Russia did two years ago. Again, put that away, just for a moment.

And lastly. I want your answer based on what is truly in your heart. I don’t gain to attack anyone or become a united front. I truly want to understand as a DC native, a mother and a taxpayer.

Two years ago, Donald Trump made a promise of a wall that Mexico would pay for. He not only promised but he guaranteed, vowed, unequivocally granted and stated that this was something Mexico would pay for. So my very simple question is, what happened to Mexico getting that invoice?

Without mentioning the House or Senate, Barrack or Clinton, Democrat or Republican, please tell me how did Mexico get out of paying that bill? I haven’t heard from Mexico, haven’t seen the “Past Due” notice. No knowledge of them mentioning a payment plan or just a flat out “hell no”. So what happened? What effects have they encountered by NOT paying for the Presidents wall?

Because from where I stand; only as a DC native, mother and taxpayer, I want nothing more than to have our country protected at all costs. So if putting up a wall will stop our church shootings, club shootings, school shootings, bank shootings…wait. Those were all American’s with “mental illnesses” not illegal immigrants. Sooooo, maybe we should take that “wall budget” and invest in stiffer gun policies, tougher security systems to protect our children in school, and free mental health check ups for these families who “knew he had problems” or “she was always very violent” individuals. You see, I gave an opinion and never mentioned political party, race or demographic.

So I patiently wait, for an answer. Tell me, what are we fighting for? What are your neighbors, co-workers, friends, family; what are they suffering for? Because if the wall is the answer and Mexico was “supposed” to pay…who’s making the call?

Tawana Horne