Booked, Basic & Busy!

This summer, for my birthday, I gave myself “time”. Time to rest. Time to recharge. Time to refresh. And in actuality, I spent much of that time hustling through airports to some of my most favorite places.

From DC to Philadelphia. New Jersey, out to Mexico. Back to Houston, over to Austin then back to DC! I enjoyed those summer days visiting the Farmers Market, spending time with family and late nights on the Jersey Boardwalk. And with each days pass, I found my best looks wearing my favorite basics!

A basic tee with some amazing distressed denim or a beautifully long flowing skirt. Or basic tank tucked into a form fitting sexy pencil skirt or colorful palazzo pants. Because Lord knows, a basic paired with ANYTHING is frankly a look that never gets old.

We've stumbled upon the era where less is more and effortless fashion gains you even more points. Over the years I've found that normally history repeats itself, whether hair or fashion. Word of advice; hold on to EVERYTHING in your closet because in due time, it'll be back on the runway! 

Tawana Horne