A Dangerous Mind

It’s much to be said about one who’s mind never rest. When you wake up pondering your days tasks and then by night fall when your thoughts should begin to settle, your brain just won’t shut off.

It’s like listening to a song that won’t end. You’ve endured the melodic highs and lows at every peak and climax. You’ve swayed along to the magnetic “beat drop” and yet, it continues. And it just doesn’t stop.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve struggled with surrendering into a state where I can mentally clock out and rest. I’ve spent nights up wondering if the report was correct, the kids clothes are ironed, it’s truly a range of things that could wait until the morning but the dangerous mind doesn’t function like that.

“We” analyze and formulate plans. “We” create the Plan B for the Plan B. “We’ve” mapped out the route, took all accounts into the consideration and still, it’s not enough. Days are planned out by the hour, months throughout a business calendar filled with travel schedules, deadlines, school obligations and of course off days. Off days policed with time to plan more, do more, to catch up.

It’s moments like this very moment, at 7:03 am, on a Southwest flight to DC, laptop on the seat back table, Blackberry (yes, I’m old school) battery close to drained, paperwork upon my lap, music blasting in my earbuds and a dangerous mind. When you’re a writer, these are the moments that I get the best “me”. I can take my imagination, cluttered mind, and fantastic way with words and draw you in.

Yes, I’m a mind full of fantastic life stories. A mind full of ideas and opportunities that would be a shame to not take into consideration. Oh, if you could take a peak inside. Trust me, this is a platform or better yet an invitation to continue to explore my life’s work, watch my dreams become reality and to dance alongside the beautiful girl with the witty sense of humor, infectious smile and yes, a dangerous mind.

Tawana Horne