She's a baddd mutha.....

May is for Mothers! Yes, I declare the entire month of May officially “Mother’s Month” because I swear, we deserve it!

We NEED a month to honor that mother that won’t rest until it’s done, gonna make it fit when it won’t and can solve any days questions from a feisty 5 year old. For the mothers who can squeeze a dollar out of a dime, works her fullest potential under pressure and still finds time to cover her lips in the deepest of red hues. It’s that woman that endured the labor, bear the load and dare somebody question her title. Oh yeah, the sister that works a job that brings stress to struggle. Deal with folks that don’t deal with her “type of folk” but will come straight off an elevator in a fresh pair of gators’ making sure every “Good Morning” is heard.

She expels power. She’s a force, a diva, an innovator, a fortune, a warrior, a diamond, a Queen and a King (when she has to be). Treat her as such. She is the essence of all beauty. She is the storm without warning and the answer to every question. She is your back bone, right hand, ride or die, the one you’ve celebrated every milestone, award, accolade, “first time” and believer in ALL your foolish dreams.

So for this and all things, I tip my hat to the mothers who do it all. I thank my children; Justin, Jordan and Jaliyah for being the source of my joy. I couldn’t  imagine my life without you three!

Recognize me for what I was meant to be. I am a great mother because of MY mother. I am “WOMAN”, I am “QUEEN”, I am a beautiful war!

Tawana Horne