Old School, New Rules

Simplicity! Think back to when things were much simpler. When a house phone attached to a wall in the kitchen was our only form of communication. A hand written letter was our text message and a whisper in the ear was the DM. Before social media became the staple of our daily lives. When beauty was REAL beauty and not what celebrities made us to believe.

The simplicity of a conversation, dialogue and gut-busting laughter. Even at work. How many times has an email come back to your desk with additional questions or clarification needed? Although you used the proper terms, detailed the correct format, even spell checked it…it still came back because there was something missing.

The simplicity of a real relationship. Think about it. What changed, what went wrong? Was it the “Good Morning” calls that slowly turned into “Good Morning” texts. Or maybe the dinner table that was once the center for conversation has now turned into the bedding ground for cell phone activity. And as times past, it’s far more space wedged between the two of you, that throwing in the towel seems like the easiest way out.

The simplicity of calling your closest friends with your biggest issues to vent has now become a timeline of social media subliminal messages. To strangers. People you wouldn’t otherwise consider as friends, are now privy to that very negative “thing” that has happened in your life. In turn, those little subliminal “stories” leave space for ill-formed opinions and nasty rumors. At what point did we get there and why haven’t we left?



Have a Safe and Happy 2019!

Tawana Horne