My First Love; Sneakers or Stilettos?

I’ve always been somewhat of a “tomboy”. I mean what do you expect from a Catholic girl raised in St. Mary’s who spent summer days barefoot and drinking from a garden hose? So by the time I approached my teenage years, I experienced my first true love; sneakers!

It actually was a fresh pair of timbs that I initially fell in love with. It was something about the weight of the boot that made me feel like I could stomp a hole through the earth every time I touched the ground. I’m talking bout' butter timbs with loose laces and scuff marks. The timbs you wear all year around and DARE somebody to ask “why”! It was those K-Swiss, New Balance and Reebok classics with bleach soaked shoe laces that invited every summers beginning. Iversons, Jordan’s, hell, one year we were rocking baseball cleats to school. Literally!

It wasn’t until my early 20’s that I began to draw my attention to a more sophisticated foot fashion, the stiletto. Slipping these pretty little feet into a pair of sexy heels changed my entire walk. It was “this” shoe that created calves that stood at attention and legs that an Alvin Ailey dancer would be quite envious of. The type of stiletto that made any outfit look like red carpet graced the sole of my feet when I entered the building. #realtalk

When I’m home, on the east coast; I’m in my comfort zone. Reminiscent of years past and the girl I used to be. But today, I’m far from my roots, I’m away from the surroundings that raised me. Today, my walk has grown mean, a little more stern and cold but still extremely lady-like. No matter who I love more; the sneaker or stiletto, I’m happy to have embraced both styles in a fashion that changes as often as the wind blows. And as I approach the "3rd Quarter" of my life, it's more than obvious that you can find me chillin' outside!

Tawana Horne