My Adidas

It’s that time of year again and there’s nothing more fitting than to step into the fall season with my favorite shoe! ADIDAS.

The same sneaker I wore my first year of middle school, is the exact same shoe my daughter cried for this past Christmas! That’s 30 years of time between then and now. The same sneaker that made rap history by signing an endorsement deal with Run DMC in 1986 for 1.6 million. 

The same sneaker that partnered with American fashion designer, Jeremy Scott in 2008 to successfully launch his eccentric line of JS Wings and JS Bears. Holding the crown for the most “eye-catching” sneaker ever seen. The same sneaker that created a program in India that sold shoes for $1 a pair to capitalize on the country’s soaring population.

The same sneaker that collaborated with Kanye West for the YEEZY Boost that took home the “Shoe of the Year” award at the 29th annual Footwear News awards in 2015. The same sneaker that signed a 10 year $160 million apparel deal with the University of Louisville just this year.

Yes, the same sneaker company that’s been on the rise because of an industry trend that, just so happens to benefits the brand. Adidas IS streetwear and the stock market responded with a share increase of 22% while other casual athletic wear has fell flat or below. 

Yes, Adidas. That sneaker, that brand, that culture, that business, that story…..that three-stripe life.


Tawana Horne