Elevators or Stairs?

In celebration of my 41st birthday, I spent the entire day working. It's been a common practice, aside from last years festivities in Puerto Rico, that I've been scheduled to work away from home and family on my birthday. Constant questions like, "Well don't you miss your kids working a job like this?", posed the automatic response, "What works for me, doesn't necessarily work for others." I've been a stay-at-home mom previously and it was a very relaxing 12 months. Let me rephrase that, it was "relaxing" aside from cooking, cleaning and parenting without an off day. But even then, I wasn't free of the new question, "What are you doing for money? Don't you want some independence?"

As a woman, we are always judged on the conscience decisions we make with our own personal lives. Were your kids breastfed or bottle fed? Are you dressing like a mom or dressing like a "hot mama?" Are your children home schooled, private or public? Damn, it's not too often that we're given a break from the backlash of what appears to be a very judgmental society.

One of the biggest lessons I've learned in my "Life Beyond 40" years, was that we are apart of that "Elevator or Stairs" concept. I would assume those who take the stairs desire a nice scenic route. Get a bit of cardio during the hustle of the work day, moving at a pace that suits them best. Those who take the elevator don't mind a crowd. Tuning out the world with a 5 second ride of soft jazz, standing elbow to elbow with a total stranger. Neither one is better than the other, both are heading in the same direction...just taking a different route. 

How ever in life you choose and whatever path your take, make it one that you can purposefully stand behind. Without reservation or explanation, you are the final decision maker and unless you request the advice of anyone else, their opinion doesn't matter. So whether it's by elevator or stairs, in the penthouse suite or basement, I'm sure we'll eventually cross paths. And by God's will, we'll both be happy with the traveled road and our final destination.


Tawana Horne