Forever Denim

I remember my very first pair of denim jeans. A light wash, slim fit pair of Jordache. Before long, my love turned into an obsession when I was introduced to the denim jacket, the denim purse, the denim backpack, hat, shoes....pure overkill! And although I've witnessed the fad of straight leg to flare leg to baggy fit, skinny and cropped; denim is what I assume to be tiless fashion that'll be around forever.

Back in 2012, I was blessed to work with one of the BEST denim brands in the business, 7 For All Mankind of the Vanity Fair Corporation. After a trip to the Corporate offices in Los Angeles, California, I got to experience something that others could only dream. I was front and center in the creation of the entire denim process. These HAND MADE products were dyed, cut, distressed, sewn, labeled and materialized all in-house. Something that many other denim brands were not accustom to. The process, the time; even down to the smallest details, were inspected not once or twice but 5 times before being packaged and sent out to the several hundred locations around the world.

And even now, with close to the 70+ pairs I own, there's nothing like a fresh pair of "7's" that were made to hug your every curve, sit perfectly on the hip and keep the same color after every wash. So if you haven't had the opportunity to slide into a pair, please do so. I promise you won't want to take them off!  

Tawana Horne