Welcome to Spring, Welcome to Bright Whites!

Before my wardrobe transitioned to my now favorite color black; I loved wearing white. It's something about the clean look against a pair of jeans or under a nice blazer or cape that I could not live without. And there's no place on earth that embraces that "all white everything" like Miami, FL.

Some of the happiest moments of my life come to mind when I think about this great city. From the stellar customer service at Mango's Dinner Show to the wide variety of savory dishes that suits even the pickiest eater. Breathtaking views and long days on South Beach and of course a night of memories that expand far beyond the wildest imagination. Miami is definitely THE place to be.

As we settle into Spring, begin to revisit those styles that invite the uniqueness of yourself. Recharge from the cocoon of winter and step into the season of transition and peace. I challenge you to add white to any outfit and witness how it softens the look. Create from what you own verses shopping for the new. Remember; trends come and go...but fashion remains forever. 

Tawana Horne