Layers and Jackets and Blazers, oh my!

I grew up in a state where Decembers meant snow and sleet for the next few months. Salt-dispensing state vehicles and school closures were routine. A zesty bowl of chili with cornbread and peppermint marshmallow topped hot cocoa were a must. And getting dressed always demanded layers of clothing. A tank top, under a t-shirt, under a sweater, under a coat with a hood and ear muffs.... it was cold y'all!

So it came as a pleasant surprise that just this New Years Eve in Houston, I was able to cook outside on the grill in 75 degree weather. I mean, I literally walked outside with a t-shirt, shorts and flip flops as if we were in the middle of May. Now, this is something I can get used to but damn, what happened to winter? 

Despite this drastic change of atmosphere, it was still winter and I still wanted to show it off. Layering! Using lighter pieces instead of the winter-resistant items I wore on the East Coast by becoming material conscious and realistic. I choose the silk scarf instead of the heavy cable-knit. The khaki peacoat over the wool full length. Easy switch, easy changes, mission accomplished. So with the right mindset and right items in your wardrobe, anyone can pull off "winter" in H-Town!

Tawana Horne