The beginning...

It all started with a black full-length jewel studded ball gown at my sons flag football award ceremony. With a Kanye shoulder shrug, and a deadly smile; I was more than pleased that I stood out among a crowd of comfortably appropriate middle-aged moms holding Starbucks in one hand and twirling keys to the family mini-van in another. And yet, this appearance would be my first of many. Doctors appointments, field trips and PTA meetings soon became my runway, and before long, I was crowned the "Model Mommy" by every Elementary School in the district.

However, this period in my life came from what I now realize was my undying love for fashion. I'd took the risk of stepping away from very familiar territory to own and operate a fitness business. And although it was one of the most fulfilling moments of my life, it became clear that I could never escape what I've been doing every since I was 18 years old. 

My closet was my "sanctuary". Overstocked with famous and well-known designers that I've had the opportunity to manage and buy for. With beautifully crafted vintage merchandise that I refused to part with. With sentimental and unique pieces that brought back the fondest memories. And of course, all these things sat and waited to be worn and showcased while I made a living in non-fashion industry.

So with one selfie. One random selfie, on my off-day, in my home, on this very couch that is now the backdrop to my homepage, I knew it was only right to follow what I'd been chasing for years. My love for styling. In a matter of hours, I developed a concept, business plans, key pieces and a long chat with the Lord, and finally..."she" had arrived. 

My looks are simple, my locations are not the norm and my photos are never airbrushed. I'm basically a 40 year old mother of 3, that just so happens to love fashion. So welcome to my page, welcome to my life, welcome to "Beauty and the Streets".



Tawana Horne